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By filling out the form below I understand that under Idaho Code §74-103 (1), the Mica Kidd Island Fire Protection District has three (3) working days from the date of receipt of the request to grant or deny the information. I further understand that I.C. §74-103 (1), does provide that if Mica Kidd Island Fire Protection District determines a longer period of time is needed to locate or retrieve the information, I will be notified in writing and that the request will then be granted or denied within ten (10) working days following my request.


I acknowledge that Mica Kidd Island Fire Protection District has an established copying fee schedule as allowed under I.C. §74-102 (10) (a-g), and as set forth in the District’s Resolution 2014-01 paragraph 8 (a) through (e):


  1. The Fire District shall not charge a fee for simple photocopying or simple electronic requests.

  2. The Fire District shall charge a fee of .15 cents per copy plus a fee of $20.00 per hour for requests that;

  • Exceed more than 100 pages of paper records; or

  • Requests that include records from which nonpublic information must be deleted; or

  • Actual labor costs associated with locating and copying documents for a request that exceeds two (2) person hours.  

  3.  The Fire District shall charge a flat fee of $10.00 for providing electronic duplication.           This fee shall include the associated cost of the disc and copying information of a                 complex nature.

  4.  The hourly rate of $20.00 per hour shall be charged for time spent identifying and               redacting non-public information and if a request requires redactions to be made by an         attorney, the rate charged shall be no more than the per hour rate of the attorney                 retained by the District.

  5.  Payment for services where the staff has requested additional time to provide the                 services or for voluminous and complex request shall be made in advance.

  6.  The Fire District shall charge a fee of $2.00 for Simple Requests on a CD.

Public Records Request

Public Records Request

To make a public records request, please complete the following with your contact information and description of records you are requesting.

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